What Does the Zona Romantica Mean for LGBTQ+ Couples in Puerto Vallarta

What Does the Zona Romantica Mean for LGBTQ+ Couples in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is proud to be a safe space for LGBTQ+ couples, as well as families in general.  However, zona romantica is certainly a popular focus area for those who are looking to enjoy time as a couple in Puerto Vallarta.  Why?  Turns out, there are a whole lot of reasons as to why this is a popular and loved spot in this bustling Mexican city!


The name gives you a hint

            When it comes to zona romantica, the name of the actual section of the icty should give you a hint: translating to “romantic zone” or “romantic spot”, it’s a place all about couples and being in l-o-v-e.  With no shortage of coffee shops, cafes, cobblestone streets, banners, bright coloured flats and more, this entire section of Puerto Vallarta simply screams romance.

            Whether you’re a new couple or an old one — and whether you are LGBTQ+ or not — there is no better place for a romantic stroll along the water, or the wide streets.  Every spot is geared towards cultivating warmth and love and respect for couples.  Where else would you want to be when celebrating that special someone in your life?


What Does the Zona Romantica Mean for LGBTQ+ Couples in Puerto Vallarta

Popular attractions

            There are plenty of fun and romantic things that you can do when you are looking to enjoy yourself fully in zona romantica.  Some of the popular focuses include:


  • Spas for couples massages: There are many spas and other relaxing venues in zona romantica, most of which are going to offer exclusively couples massages so that you can enjoy relaxation with your partner and bond while you relax together in this exotic and old Puerto Vallarta. 


  • Strolls along the beaches: There are many fantastic beaches to enjoy freely when looking for sandy strolls with your loved one.  Thousands of lovers flock to these beaches every single year and these sandy shores have seen no shortage of proposals in their time!  Hint hint.  But, anyway.  Some of the most common strolling spots are along Muelle Pier, Playa Amapas and Las Pilitas.  You could hypothetically spend the entire time on the beach!


  • Kitschy shops and cafes: Even the restaurants, brs, shops and cafes are going to be targeted for lovers with small tables and lots of romantic decor and menu options that are perfect for splitting (or not!)  There are also plenty of shops that you can explore for souvenirs that will help you take something special home to another partner if you want to, too!


All couples deserve respect

            Puerto Vallarta is completely focused on the idea of offering — and enforcing — respect for couples of all kinds and types.  Anyone in the LGBTQ+ community is more than welcome in Puerto Vallarta, especially in zona romantica.  Widely recognized as being a popular hub for LGBTQ+ travellers, you’ll also enjoy meeting other couples that are looking to enjoy safe travels, too, and maybe even make lifelong connections while you are strolling the beach!


            Whatever your hopes and dreams are, with your partner, Puerto Vallarta’s zona romantica is sure to take your breath away and offer you the intimacy you want and love about a trip away together.

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