The best life in Bucerias, Mexico in the words of a Canadian

The best life in Bucerias, Mexico in the words of a Canadian

Statistics show that about one million Canadians travel south during the winter to escape the cold. While the vast majority travel to hot destinations in the U.S. such as Florida and Arizona, 7% are going farther south into Mexico.

Some Canadians even moved permanently to Mexico, that is the case of Alan from Saguenay, Quebec. Alan moved to Mexico looking for better weather, and an improved lifestyle.

Alan says “I used to prefer winter, but I have switched to being more of a spring person. I decided to move to Bucerias because going out in Canada when it’s cold and windy is unbearable”

Alan purchased a home in Bucerias and continues to work remotely as a software engineer in Canada, and he refers that his quality of life improved exponentially. “My salary buys a lot of things in Mexico, in Canada I couldn’t afford house cleaning services, let alone have a pool and a gardener”.

When it comes to his internet connection Alan says: “I was surprised with the quality of the fiber optic internet, I pay the top plan and it is still cheaper than the one I had in Canada, my work requires an excellent internet connection and I have it here”.

“I was used to Canada’s healthcare system, but last summer I needed an emergency appendicectomy and got attention at a Nayarit hospital and the cost was about 3000 dollars, had I been in the U.S. it would have been much more expensive,” Alan says.

Since his emergency appendicectomy, Alan has acquired an insurance policy that covers his healthcare needs.

“What I like the most about Bucerias is waking up to the sound of the ocean and its warm weather, people are kind too”.

Since Alan was able to afford a large house at Bucerias, he invites his family from Canada to stay with him in the winter “They love to visit, my nieces and nephews just love coming to the beach house”.

Alan has even considered moving his elderly parents with him since cold Canadian winters can be harsh on them.

“Mom is happy to walk with me to the market, there are so many colors, and such a festive mood, my parents like Bucerias very much”.

Bucerias is an ideal destination for living a calm life at the beach, whether it is for retirement or to work remotely. Visit Bucerias and find the right spot for you and your family.

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