You Could Earn a $7250 Monthly Rent in Puerto Vallarta.. Here’s How!

You Could Earn a $7250 Monthly Rent in Puerto Vallarta.. Here’s How!

Most of us are hurting for money every once in a while.  For some of us, that “once in a while” is far more often than we’d like.  Make a difference by thinking differently about your income.  Specifically, passive income.  If you focus on the right details, you’ll find that it isn’t going to be as hard as you’d think to start enjoying passive income right in Puerto Vallarta.


Our exciting adventure 

Your best choice for passive income is going to be rental income.  And, working with AirDNA, were so excited to be able to introduce you the chance to earn up to $7 250 per month — yes, really — just in rental income alone!  Not sure just how that’s going to happen?  Keep reading for more  information!


All about AirDNA


This platform works a little bit differently than the other options that you’re considering,  Why? Because it focuses on analytics rather than actual vacation rentals.  As the name may indicate, AirDNA is somewhat connected to AirBnB.  AirDNA focuses on helping you understand just what each vacation rental that you have can offer you for analytics on pricing, reception, and more,


Since you’re looking at making sure that you are getting a worthwhile income every month, this is obviously crucial.  This information is what we used to help us put together our Carmelina project and know that it’s going to be a huge success.


The Carmelina project in Puerto Vallarta


Located right on some of the most desirable land in Puerto Vallarta, this property is dubbed Carmelina and it’s going to be a wonderful opportunity for you to jump in and start earning some serious income when it comes to getting into real estate.


Located at Sagitario Street, this prime location is going to blend together all of the things that paying tenants will look for: a prime ovation, great views, friendly people, access to everything they want, and a modern space.


All of that comes together into the neat and tidy AirDNA assessment to offer you $7 250 per month in potential income  for a  2 bedroom unit, when you follow the metrics used to see just how that rent is calculated.  It’s great for seeing how much of a sure thing real estate can be


To be completed by 2023, you’ll be able to know just where you can and should turn to when you are looking for rental income that you can depend on, Not only will you enjoy wonderful earnings, but you’ll also give someone a place to stray while exploring Puerto Vallarta.


Passive income you can feel good about.


The beautiful thing about having AirDNA is that it is going to give you that extra little assurance that you need to see just how possible it is to earn reliable income from a high-demand property like this.  Interested in getting familiar with other kinds of passive income and other properties?  If so, use this platform to help you get a sense of just what you can be earning!


Puerto Vallarta is a popular tourist attraction that is going to get more popular as crowds hear about it.  By embracing the Carmelina project (and others similar to it), thus decision will help you to get in on the ground floor and start earning passive income as soon as possible, as reliably as possible.


So, what are you waiting for?  Let’s get started!


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